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Monday 21 May 2012

Dream Dress: Topshop Flower Patch Dress

There's a big issue with the weather being total crap: the shops are packed full of cute summery things and they're all rendered useless. Unless you want to freeze your tits off and sulk all night, this means no strappy sandals, no maxi dresses, no shorts and definitely no cute floral dresses from Topshop. Not even this one with all its pleaty goodness and contrasting trim.

The open back sexes up the dress just very slightly (a slight sexing up is never something to be sniffed at), just wear a contrasting bra for a deliberate pop of colour. The reviews say that the dress is a little see through, so perhaps I can away with wearing some grey tights with it? Just until the sun comes out? The second it does, I'm splashing £46 on this lovely little number.


  1. I've tried this dress on 5 times. I STILL can't decide if I like it or not.

    1. What do/don't you like about it?

      I always think if it takes that long to decide, you probably don't.

    2. I think it's that the colour doesn't quite work on me. You are right, I probably don't for me but I do for someone else. You. You buy it!

  2. The sun is out so get your purse out!


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