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Friday 1 October 2010

Dream Dress: Lace and Denim Dress

When Oasis have a sale, I get very excited. I really like Oasis, but their sales are where I really clean up. I'm now coveting this dress, this dress, this dress and this dress. All for cheaps!

But this dress has really caught my attention. I never expected to be writing about a lace and denim dress. I'm not 12. But I do like where this is going. The dark denim is what makes it work. I wasn't even sure that it was denim to begin with. But it is, and it's adorable. And much more of an interesting autumn dress than a summer one.

Instead of wearing this with flip flops, I'll be wearing this with a little jacket and opaques (perhaps I'll pop it over a long sleeved t-shirt when it gets very cold). I wouldn't have bought this dress in Summer, but now it's £30, it'll be mine by the end of the day.

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