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Friday 1 October 2010

Message in a Burger

Imagine that you're Sting and you are deciding to re-send your S.O.S. to the world. And this time it's not about how you are suffering more loneliness than any man can bear but instead how you are just really really hungry. Forget about the message in the bottle, what's the perfect way to get your message across in the 21st century? Why a message in a burger of course! And, thankfully for a strict veggie like Sting, with this burger there's no actual meat involved.

The message burger is a fabulously ridiculous piece of stationery. It's a cardboard burger potentially made up of 24 different notecards, each in the shape of something you might put into a burger. So there's individual cards in the shape of the burger patty, the lettuce, tomato and, of course, the bun. But there's also slices of cheese, rashes of bacon, eggs, pickles and avocado halves, enough to create the burger of your wildest dreams. It's even got its own special takeaway-style box. There's enough ingredients in each pack to make up two burgers - unless you're incredibly greedy that is.

Though that's fun enough in itself - and my mouth is already watering - I also I really like the idea of sending your message in a burger to a suitably food-loving friend. You could write a part of the message on each part of the burger. Or you could send them out individually - how fab would it be to open your post and find a note that's been written on an egg?

However, aside from Mr Gordon Sumner, there's another sting in this tale that needs to be mentioned. I spotted this burger in the amazing Australian shop Upon a Fold meaning the postage makes it quite pricey. Including delivery to the UK it will set you back AUS$45.17. It works out at about £28 which could buy a lot of delicious real life burgers instead.

The issue of the price aside, I finish with a final plea. It's that I really hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my, I hope that someone gets my ... message in a burger.


  1. That's the most stoopid/amazing thing i have ever seen

  2. Yay!! More things that are from Australia - the good thing it means my postage is all but freeeeeee!!!

  3. I have Sting stuck in my head now, which, scarily, is not so bad after all.


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