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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Glamorous Amourous

I stumbled across the online lingerie boutique Glamorous Amourous at the weekend. With minutes, I had located the sale section, done a quick search for my size and decided that I wanted everything. I was impressed. I spend far too much time looking at sexy lingerie online, most of it out of my price range, so I was surprised to find some affordable sexy smalls.

OK, so this Aubade set is still pricey with the bra coming in at £38.48 and the shorts £10 cheaper. But, you're saving 50% and well, just look at how fabulous it is. I love the mismatch in fabrics, and I'll bet the lace is super soft.

I actually did snap these knickers up, they're pretty, they're sexy and they're reduced from £20 to £5.

Miss Lala Presents is one of my favourite lingerie brands. This balconette bra is now just £24.98. There are some items on Glamorous Amourous that I can only dream of owning (£1,170 corset anyone?). But they have some very beautiful pieces, and if you're lucky you'll find something in your size hiding in the sale.


  1. The rest of the underwear is lovely but that corset IS NOT worth that massive price tag, you can get a steel boned, pure silk, made to measure one that lasts a lifetime for a quarter of that price!

  2. I'm all for paying for luxury goods, but you're right to an extent. I'm sure there's a reason it's so pricey, I just don't know what it is. Still looks amazing though.

    And the rest of the smalls on the site are (almost) affordable and rather smashing. I'll stick to those.

  3. Ooh, pretty things! I do love me some pretty undies :)
    But I'm totally with Alexandriaweb - I've got made to measure overbust (so more fabric) corsets which are perfect fit for me, hand made in the UK by a brilliant corsetierefor around £200. £1170 is an insane price for off the peg!!! I had a little look and all the RAW things appear excessively priced, I think from here because she is dying the silk herslf too? Maybe? Is it art?

  4. My goodies arrived today and they're beautiful! So prettily wrapped too, which I do love when you get mail order things. Little bit of tissue paper makes me smile a lot.


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