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Friday 7 October 2011

Bag Lust: Louche Leaf Clutch

While I was in Joy this week buying the book launch dress of magical dreams (no you can't see it, it's a secret), I very nearly bought this clutch bag as well. I was on my way out of the shop, they were itching to get me out of the door as it was past closing (sorry, friendly shop assistants). Then it caught my eye and whispered "take me with you! I'll make your outfits look amazing. Your hair is very nice today."

And now I'm looking at it again, I really do wish I'd marched back to the counter and bought it. I really thought that Joy had branched into vintage accessories when I saw it, but it's actually their wonderful Louche brand. I actually think I prefer it as a clutch (it's very rare I say that), but the gold chain will come in handy, and pops away again.

It's £32, and the only reason I didn't buy it was that it didn't match the dress I bought. I don't have that reason today, so it will probably fall into my shopping basket at some point over lunch. And rightly so, it's a talking bag for goodness sake - who doesn't want one of those?


  1. Wow. It really is very vintage-looking, isn't it (with the bonus that it probably won't smell of digestive biscuits - what IS that about?). Hope we all get to see the book launch dress at some point though... xx


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