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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: Un Dimarche a Paris

I know there's more to Paris than bicycles, good bread, cobbled streets and charming French accents. But I really, really like that part of it Paris, hackneyed as it may be. I think it's entirely fair to blame that enchanting Amelie creature.

See? It's hard to not have a romanticised (and slightly strange) view of Paris. So just for today, instead of fighting it, I'm going to play along and indulge my Parisian fantasies in this wallpaper by Famille Summerbelle.

Everything I want from a Paris-insired wallpaper. Bicycles, little dogs on leads, the Eiffel Tower. Even a carousel if you look closely. How lovely.

Whichever colourway you choose, it's a quirky paper and printed with non-toxic inks onto renewably sourced paper. It's £45 and it'll make you want to watch Amelie immediately. That's exactly what I'll be doing this afternoon as I type away at my keyboard.

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  1. It is gorgeous, there is something vaguely Mary Poppins about it too I think


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