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Tuesday 25 October 2011

Lights! Sequins! Sparkle!



This skirt surprised the heck out of me when it rocked up in LTS's latest mail-out. I've always, in the back of my mind, wanted a skirt that is so screamingly bright I could use it as a source of lighting in dark pubs. And lo, here it is.

I know I keep coming back to Long Tall Sally on DS, but that's because, for all its faults, it's the only shop on the high street that really makes an effort with tall girls, and doesn't just tack on a few inches to normal-sized clothing (*cough* TOPSHOP *cough*)

I asked Twitter if there was any particular reason not to buy a midi skirt entirely covered in sequins. "HELLO! NONE!" came the reply from the girls. "What the f&$%'s a midi skirt?" asked the boys.

I duly bought the skirt.

It looks so incredibly silvery in the picture that I was a bit worried about looking like a disco ball, but on arrival, it turns out to be a very striking gun metal grey. It's fun, distilled into clothing. It's also incredibly long, even for a midi skirt, and even on a very long-limbed girl like me, so better to wear it with heels unless you want to look like you are walking on hams.

I got my skirt at a discount (£56 rather than £70) using a code from the LTS newsletter. Bang.


  1. I wish I was a little bit taller.

  2. I wish I was a baller.

    Seriously, I have absolutely zero netball or basketball skills which seems a bit of a waste.

  3. (I wish I had a rabbit in hat.)

    Oh it's so pretty. I wish people wore sequins and sparkle more often. I say sat on my sofa covered in sequins...

  4. (and a '64 impala)

    This is lovely. I really like the fact it's a midi length - it stops it looking so young girl going to the local discotheque and makes it look all grown up and glam.
    Love your red tights too, nice touch!

  5. I wish I was like six feet nine so I could get, actually, I think I'd just like the skirt. Great review, sparkling skirtage.

  6. (I always thought that line was "6'4 impala", i.e. a great big antelope.)

    I love day sequins. It's such a fabulous skirt and looks awesome on you.

  7. Sara, I thought similarly. It was only this morning, and thanks to this review, that I learnt the truth.

  8. We may be too small to wear the skirt of joy, but we finally know our Chevrolets from our African antelopes.

  9. I have learned so many rap lyrics. The next round of karaoke is going to be a raving success.

  10. It's gorgeous, and also, I love Long Tall Sally. They have all the good basics, their stuff is well made, and every season they come out with a couple of amazing things like this.

    Many more please!


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