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Thursday 20 October 2011

Get dressed for Autumn with Monki

Forget that special time of the year - which, as Elizabeth reminded us, is less than ten weeks away - and make the most of this special time of the year. For me, Autumn is all about enjoying bright crisp days and crisp bright clothes before the weather tips over into freezing and we have to go into hibernation mode. It's the most fun season to dress for (hello cosy tights and brand new coats) but is over so quickly you don't want to waste too much money on it.

Step forward Monki, a Swedish brand that slots between H&M and COS both style and cost wise, and which has started shipping to the UK. Admittedly some of their clothes are a bit teenage foreign exchange student but with a bit of searching, like an autumnal squirrel foraging for my acorns, I was tastily rewarded for my efforts. I found some great dresses that with a few fun accessories would fulfil my seasonal fashion desires perfectly.

This is the Agatha dress perfect for autumnal activity number 1: walking around, preferably in a park, with books under my arms while looking thoughtful (a bit like Love Story without the tragedy). I'd wear this with a yellow satchel for my books, some glasses for making me look intelligent and some boots made for kicking leaves for when the posing inevitably becomes a bit boring.

Clarissa is my choice for autumnal activity number 2: eating. It's an all year round pursuit of course but this dress would be perfect to wear for taking afternoon tea. The colours remind me of all kinds of tasty things like pots of tea and jars of preserves, all to be consumed in a very civilised manner.  I'd want to wear it with a small but perfectly formed bag and some colourful nails.

And here's Cia. I'm going to wear this for the activity that I most feel like doing with my autumn evenings: dancing. I've bought this dress already and I plan on wearing it to excess: that is with too high    heels, too much eyeliner and probably too much of this too. Then, by the time Christmas comes around, I'll be almost ready to slump into a chair in an enormous jumper.

All the dresses shown cost 40 euros. Shipping for my dress was an additional 6 euros. I'll let you know if it's as fun to dance in as it looks. 

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