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Thursday 27 October 2011

Reading is Sexy: Sarah Utter

Way back in the history of time (okay about 5 years ago), I saw a girl wearing the world's best t-shirt, proudly proclaiming the gospel truth, that Reading is Sexy, alongside a rather nice illustration of a suitably speccy sexy type. "Omigoditsamazingwheredidyougetit?" I cried like a possessed demon, clutching onto her. Her reply, as she backed quickly away? The frustrating "I dunno, just a random shop."

I've been searching for this t-shirt ever since.

I've googled "Reading Sexy T-Shirt" countless times since then over the years but with zero success. I have been subjected to some pretty disturbing sites in the process, and now know far more about the sexual practices that occur in Reading, Berkshire than you could ever think possible. Finally, FINALLY thanks to the gods above, named on this earth as Hannah Zakari, I now know that this t-shirt is the work of one Sarah Utter, and there's a whole range of sexy geek chic to get overexcited about.

Hannah Zakari don't stock this t-shirt (it appears you need to get that from America) but they do have a badge or the matching tote bag for £12. Just think of  how many books you could carry in it, so many books to sexily read.

If you like your accessories to be a bit less sexy, there's the slightly more prudish but still wonderfully bookish Future Librarian badge.

And the wonder tongue twister tangle of knitting is knotty. All these badges are £1.50.

Peek over at this US site and there's plenty more products that I'd like to purchase (the Dancing is my Bag bag is brilliant) so I think we should go on a mission to buy up all of Hannah Zakari's products, and they'll have to get some more in stock.

And, as you are proudly sporting your tote bag/badge,  if anyone asks you where they came from, please just tell them and put them out of a good few years of google sex misery.


  1. Hate the fact that you can't just nab all those cool American goodies online without being subjected to random customs fees. Such a pity! I also love the creations of Jessica Kagan Cushman and wanted to buy a particular tote of hers, but it was only available in the U.S. and you just never know what those bad fairies of shopping, the customs nazis are going to whack on top!

  2. Ooo, thanks cakesandshakes, just looked Jessica Kagan Cushman up too. More things from over the pond to lust over! Someone has to stock them over here eventually, surely?

  3. I wish they had that for a Kindle case. That would complete me!

  4. Oh, charlienin, a Kindle case would be perfect!! Super idea. *waits around for someone to make this happen*

  5. check out Zazzle my fave one is....

    Never ordered from website before so can't recommend customer service etc, but this t shirt is sooooo cute


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