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Thursday 20 October 2011

Nice and sneezy: Harrington & Squires hankies

Snuffle snuffle, sniff sniff. If with one hand Autumn gives us such delights as lemon and coconut polenta cake, with the other it smites us down with such woes as coughs and sneezes and horrible colds. So, if you notice us being a bit quieter than usual round here, that would be why. Other than offering us an extremely alcoholic hot toddy, one way to lift our spirits would be to hand us one of Harrington and Squires hankies.

Harrington and Squires are letterpress printers and designers who have chosen to apply their art to the humble hanky. Each handkerchief is printed with a suitably sneezy motto: pick from atishoo, sneeze or boo hoo.

Each comes with its own leaflet on how to fold a two point handkerchief and in its own paper pocket decorated with messages like 'bless you' or 'cheer up'. For £10 each, their cartoon-like charm should do the cheering up job nicely. If not, at the very least, they'll act as an aide memoire for a flu-ridden brain on exactly what to do when looking at a hankie. Harrington and Squires, we bless you.

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