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Monday 24 October 2011

Sluttery Travels: Groes Inn, Wales

Wales in winter is absolutely beautiful. My parents live in a little village in north Wales and every Christmas I arrive home to snow, and they laugh at me while I make snow angels in the garden. Snow and pretty views make for a very happy Sian, and I can't think of anywhere more perfect for this than Groes Inn in Conwy. It was the first licensed house in Wales and dates back to 1573. And there are three beautiful holidaying options to choose from.

If you fancy a simple B&B option, you can choose to stay stay in the inn...

Or in the High Cabin...

And sleep in this snuggly room, all tucked away from blustery weather...

The High Cabin is perched in Conwy Valley, and it's self catering. It's all yours for £195 a night.

Or how about staying in Fourteen, their sneaky little hideaway in Conwy Village. It sleeps two and it's £170 a night. Yep, there's a hot hot tub...

Groes Inn has won awards for their food, and B&B at the weekend starts at £125 a night. I really can't get over how pretty this place is. I might even swing by for a night or two next time I go home to see the folks.

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