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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Home-Made Cookie Stamps

Home-made gifts certainly warm my heart, they can be fun to make for others, and are great to receive in return. However, if like me, you are not so gifted in the arty/crafty department, you might like to find shortcuts for such occasions. 

These "home-made" cookie stamps are ideal for adding a cute touch of personality to a basic biscuit. They'd work especially well with Sian's Shrewsbury Biscuits - the perfect biscuit for stamping. Within minutes of bashing away at a sheet of cookie dough you will have a stash of gift-worthy biscuits ready for the oven. I am particularly excited at the prospect of making such biscuits for that large festive holiday (are we allowed to mention the C-word yet?) that is less than 10 weeks away.

I think for a mere £10 from Velvet Brown I could totally get my money’s worth. There will soon be boxes of proudly stamped "home-made" biscuits shipped around the country to those usually difficult-to-buy-for people in my life.


  1. I bought an identical one last year from Oxfam's Christmas gift range - even better at the moeny goes to a good cause :0)

  2. Missielizzie - that is great. I do love a good cause. :-)

  3. Oh, these are just the ticket. That's about a bazillion Christmas presents sorted. I am loving your posts already, Elizabeth!


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