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Thursday 13 October 2011

H&M Conscious Collection

I've never been the biggest fan of H&M. It's just so stressful to shop in. I sometimes spot something in the window that looks beautiful on the scary plastic mannequins (they have breasts but no eyes, mannequins are weird) and then I'm often faced with a rather fashionable war zone. Clothes everywhere, elbow-pointy shoppers and assistants avoiding eye-contact rather than offer to help me. H&M and I aren't really friends, no matter how cheap the clothes. But despite myself, I'm staring at their new Conscious Collection and I want every single piece.

The bold floral print is actually on beautifully structured organic hemp, but still affordable - the dress is just £49.99. And I'm loving the heel shape on those shoes. The almost-but-not-quite wedge looks fab.

Fancy some romantic cotton instead? It's all organic. The trim on the skirts is beautiful, isn't it? Very Edwardian. Unfortunately, there isn't a wealth of information about the fabrics used, so while it's a nod in an ethical direction, I'd love them to be using this opportunity to really highlight the issues behind ethical fashion.

It's all incredibly elegant and miles away from the H&M that I'm used to. I'm so impressed, with the message and designs behind the clothes. But you'll forgive me for buying online rather than shopping instore - I think that would ruin the magic of this beautiful collection.

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  1. Those shoes are GORGEOUS. I only wear wedges and chunky heels because my stubby little legs on stilleto's look like elephant legs balancing on toothpicks!


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