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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Sharp as a pencil

I never have a sharp pencil anymore. Sadly, freelancing isn't very much like school days where you'd have doodling and drawing and you'd line up all of your crayons in a row and make sure they were all sharp (just me?) If I need a sharp pencil, I tend to (gasp) use my eye liner sharpener. That can't be a good thing.

Despite not ever having sharp pencils, I do have a lot of camera stuff on my desk. Lenses, batteries, cameras (yes, plural). So how about combining the two? I really like this old fashioned camera pencil sharpener from Graham & Green (£16.95). It'll fit perfectly on my messy desk with all of my cameras, and I'll have perfectly sharp pencils and crayons for my colouring in. Or, I'll just end up taking photos of coloured pencils.

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