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Friday 21 October 2011

Lay your weary head

Pillowcases are dull. Really dull. Well mine are, anyway. I think some of my pillowcases are even from the supermarket. It's about time that changed.

I'd quite like these Kiki Smith pillowcases. They're beautiful. From what I can tell the birds are making lanterns to go in the lamps in the tree. That's all kinds of brilliant and pretty. Unfortunately, they're also £75 from the Tate shop, which is frankly MADNESS. So let's have a look for some more.

How about these? They're £28 from Anthropologie and the typeface design is perfect for wordsmiths (pleats! how cute are the pleats?) They're also not seventy-five quid.

Twisted Twee have a fun range of pillowcases, but this arrow one is my favourite. They're £15, but strangely I think that's each, rather than for a pair.

Oh I do so want a doodle pillowcase. I'd never get any sleep, I'd stay awake scribbling away. This would also be handy when I had mad dreams that I wanted to write down. Or those 'I must remember this brilliant idea in the morning' thoughts that you forget the second you've dropped off to sleep. It's £14.95 from Stitch Design Works. Might be time for a little nap.

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