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Thursday 13 October 2011

Etsy Pick: A Whole Lotta Lucha Libre Love

As I have mentioned before I am slightly obsessed with Mexican wrestlers. In fact one of my secret ambitions in life is to lycra up and become a lucha libre superstar.

My neck would be adorned by these wonderful Luchador necklaces from Finest Imaginary at all times. Well, actually, maybe not when I'm actually wrestling as that could be very dangerous and give my opponent a slight advantage over me. Available in both blue and gold and red and yellow, they cost just £13.02 each .

With this fine specimen of Mexican Wrestling manhood adorning my fridge I would definitely not be tempted to break my strict pre-match diet. The Anthony Zinonos Wrestler Fridge Magnet costs £1.95 and is available from Accordion Apparel's Etsy shop, with all profits going to Leukaemia Care.

These screen printed notebooks, also from Finest Imaginary, would no doubt prove really useful to keep track of all my super secret wrestling moves. A complete bargain at just £3.58 each.
And finally, I would build a shrine to my undefeated wrestling hero 'El Guapo', captured in all his magnificence by Jimbob Art in this print which costs £26.05.

Now all I need to do is decide my lucha libre name, so what do you reckon it should be?

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