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Monday 31 October 2011

Top Ten Cocktail Recipes

The cocktail hour section on Domestic Sluttery is responsible for a lot of hangovers. We've gone through gin, brandy, vodka and whiskey and sampled an awful lot of tipples over the last two years. Which are more responsible for more hangovers? Here are the top ten cocktail posts for your bookmarking and drinking pleasure.

Porn Star Martini: Of course, the martini with the champagne chaser would be top of the list. We didn't expect anything less.

Elderflower Martini: It might be more of a summery drink, but it's still one of our most popular.

Woo woo: It might have a stupid name, but that doesn't stop us from knocking back a few pitchers.

Bakewell Tartini: It's a cocktail that tastes of cake. It's obviously the most brilliant thing to be poured in a glass.

Sexy Bovril: Yes. Really.

Death in the Afternoon: Hemingway was a fan, apparently.

One While Changing: Because you can't get ready to go out and not have cocktails. That would be silly.

The Hugo: More elderflower. This time with bubbles.

DIY bellinis. Probably the only time that DIY anything is actually fun.

The Sluttery Pitcher: The most dangerously deceptive cocktail on the list. Proceed with tipsy, giggling caution. Or reckless drunkenness.

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