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Monday 24 October 2011

Snakes and Skulls at Topshop

As it's my birthday in three weeks, I got to spend part of the weekend making a birthday present list (the most fun ever, it's basically dream internet shopping but everything you like then comes all wrapped in nice paper). Out of all of the pretty things on the list, I want to share the snake and skull-inspired jewellery range at Topshop.

I love this snake bracelet. It's adjustable (just like real snakes) and there's something a little Cleopatra about it. Maybe Cleo meets Jack Sparrow. It's £15 and comes in a bronze colour as well.

Snakes, skulls and somehow these dangly earrings are still dainty and elegant. And just £10. That's only a fiver per ear.

Want something that nods to the trend without you looking like a crazy snake lady? This mesh bracelet will do it for just £12.50.

This skull ring is cool. It's pretty, but a little bit vulgar (thanks for making skulls cool, Mr Hirst). I'm not sure I'd wear it over Halloween (it's a little predictable), but I like it very much and it's only £8.50.

Nice work Topshop. You're going all 'creepy snake empress' on the high street and I like it.


  1. Ooo! I like the mesh bracelet and those earrings *puts TopShop on list of places to visit when in London this weekend*

  2. Adore the snake bracelet. Showed it to my mum who promtly went out and bought it for me. It is gorgeous. I think it's actually long enough to wear as a choker as well.


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