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Monday 10 October 2011

The Umbrella Project, York

Despite what Mr. Weatherman would have you believe, rain is definitely likely at some point between now and November. And if you're in York, you can take advantage of this with The Umbrella Project. They're leaving brollies all over the city, and each one has a phone number on it. You call the number, you answer a question, you tell a story.

There are pick up and drop off points all around York, so don't feel like you need to keep the brolly if you have one at home - drop it off and let someone else play! The project is also recording noises from around the city - from bicycle bells, to buses and dogs barking. You can download 'soundwalks' that will make you look and think about the city in a different way. And (of course) there will be a pop-up so you can talk to the artists, tell more stories, and make more noise.

Want more information? Head over to The Umbrella Project website and have a look at what they're up to and get involved with a project that's putting a rather positive spin on the inevitable British rain.

Flickr image from Rallies' photostream.


  1. This is such a cool idea.

    I wonder if they realise the name will make people think of Resident Evil though?

  2. Heh, you know I think they probably did.

  3. No zombies were harmed in the making of the Umbrella Project.
    No, wait...

    (thanks for the feature!)


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