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Friday 7 October 2011

Ceramic Crush: Kev Grey Personalised Mugs

In my opinion, and as my kitchen cupboards would attest, you can never ever have too many mugs. I am also rather a massive fan of tattoo flash inspired art. So I definitely have my eye on this wonderful pair of mugs from the rather talented artist, Kev Grey.

The mugs cost £17 each with the image above showing the front and the back of the mug and, as they come personalised with the names of your choice, they would make a rather smashing and unique gift for your most favourite person or couple.


  1. I LOVE these! I want to colour them in too.

  2. Love. Husband and I so need these.

  3. Kev's amazing - you should check out his prints as well - awesome stuff (and a very nice chap)

  4. Im a massive fan of Kev's work in general and have one of his art books so I definitely recommend people check out his work.

    Also just to clarify, due to a slight confusion on my part entirely, the mugs cost £17 each, but are still totally worth it to get your very own personalised mug in my opinion!


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