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Tuesday 25 October 2011

The boy and his poison: The Citrus Press

Whether its squeezing a few limes for a cheeky Dark and Stormy or that obligatory lemon for your gin sour... the ability to juice the odd bit of citrus is a vital skill for any budding mixologist or domestic bar fly. If you're stuck at a party with limited equipment no one's going to chastise you for pummelling that lemon between two palms, but if you're trying to follow a recipe sometimes its can be a lot more successful if you have access to a more precise juicing contraption.

This is where the citrus press or Mexican Elbow comes in. Its not going to win a design award but this little angel of the kitchen works (as the name suggests) by pressing the juice out of the fruit, rather than pulverising it into cocktail submission. So, what this means for you is lots of precisely measured juicy enjoyment with zero bitter pithiness, not to mention the subtle air of drink-making superiority gadgets like this impart.

It might not be quite big enough for small oranges or grapefruits but that little addition to your home bar tending arsenal is going to make you feel like a cocktail making pro, not to mention the plethora of other situations this little gem could save you… I've been reliably informed by several people that apparently my kitchen isn't just an experimental cocktail laboratory.

You can buy one from Amazon for around £13 which I'm pretty sure is worth the benefit of not having to fish around your drink for pips alone.

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  1. 2 tips: one for use regardless and one if you do not have a press

    Tip 1: always pre-roll your citrus to release more juice

    tip 2 use your opposite hand as a strainer to get juice but no pips


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