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Monday 10 October 2011

Tatty Fox

Foxes are undoubtedly cool. Playing fox spotting is always, always fun. Walking home from the pub? Ooh! LOOK! A fox over there eating gross fried chicken out of the box. Then later in the week you're sitting on a train that hasn't moved for what feels like seven weeks and there's another one! He looks happy, living by the train tracks. He's cool. He's urban. He probably dabbles in graffiti.

Tatty Devine's shiny new autumn range includes some gorgeous pieces (sycamore seed earrings anyone?), but this fantastic fox brooch is my absolute favourite piece. He also comes in white, if you prefer the snow fox vibe. But this little brown one is adorable and he'll look fab on my new winter coat. He's £33 and frankly far too cute for his own good.

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