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Friday 28 October 2011

Cute or Creepy: storytelling cushions

Cushions can be quite strange things: overly stuffed, overly flouncy, overly granny like. The already weird world of cushions seems to have got even weirder recently with a new trend that's sweeping the most fashionable sofas of the country. I've tried to put a name to this and get my head round the concept, but the best I could come up with was "storytelling cushions for grown-ups" or basically "cushions that are little versions of things that are normally big". It's like cushion makers have got a bit bored and have started making cushions of whatever they can see out of the window. Bear with me on this one. Here's the first piece of evidence:

These are the Village Cushions from the normally spot on Ferm Living. They are cushions shaped like houses. I've been looking at these for a long time now. I almost get it, but not quite - why do you want your sofa to look like a badly constructed street? (and presumably if you peer through their window, there will be another mini sofa covered with more mini cushion houses) And they're not cheap, around 15 to 30 euros each. Ferm Living are not the only ones at it. Donna Wilson, another of my favourites, is doing it too:

She's also produced a range of house cushions for Heal's but, if you feel your cushion street/sofa is lacking in greenery, she's also got a range of mini trees you can shove on there too. Here's her oak tree (shown alongside a fir tree for scale). It's very sweet and childlike, but, at £35,  is definitely not priced for kids.  I can't help feeling the whole thing is something that Freud and his couch would have fun with.

If you want to try out this 'trend', I advise you to trend carefully (otherwise you might squash a tiny cushion house, ho, ho!) and absolutely be certain you don't go anywhere near this special John Lewis Christmas house cushion.

Me? I'm going to let this creature run amok amidst my cushions:

John Lewis's Dinotastic (that's its real name, brilliant!) is definitely for kids and, priced at £15, is sure to stomp out any tweeness that may be lingering in your cushion collection. Raawwwr!


  1. I love Dinotastic! AND I just got £15 of John Lewis vouchers. It's a sign.

  2. Im not going to lie, after seeing an owl cushion on urban outfitter for £18 I went to my local haberdashery and I am now sewing myself a much cooler version for just £3.50! Sis is getting a panda for xmas (her class are nicknamed the persevering pandas :P) - but shhhhh dont let her find out!


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