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Friday 21 October 2011

Forget Raindrops On Roses, Have Warm Woollen Mittens!

It's finally getting cold enough for mittens and hats and scarves and cosy things. Hurrah! But what to wear to keep your fingers warm?

These faux fur trimmed mittens from Topshop would be a good start.

They're £16 and come in black, cream and burgundy too.

Maybe you like mittens but like the practicality of gloves. You might like these finger mittens from John Lewis in that case. They're £15.

They're a bit sensible though aren't they? Sometimes winter should be fun. That's where these mittens from Asos come in.
 Googly eyes! Being able to have impromptu puppet shows! Especially if you get the moose ones too.

They're £12 a pair. I totally advocate mixing and matching to maximise the fun.


  1. From clicking through this I found owl mittens. I am slightly obsessed with owls so this means that my smart and stylish (I think) "I'm a grown up now honest" coat will be accesorised with owl mittens. This is why I love this site.

  2. I like the look of the John Lewis gloves.

    I'm looking for a winter coat in size 20 to 22, i'm sure you have lots of readers in all shapes and sizes so it'd be great if you could do a post on coats suitable for all. :)

  3. Te hee - I just tweeted about the snake ones and someone told me they were on here too! I fear I need to get my Domestic Sluttery on more often!

  4. For some reason I grew up thinking mittens were called muffins. And I have failed to rectify this mistake. I love muffins, they keep your hands warm and look super-cute.


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