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Friday 1 June 2012

Etsy Pick: La Lisette bags

Hurrah, it's Friday fun times! To be honest my brain has already just about skipped off for the long weekend. It's dead set on ignoring my huge to-do list and is too busy cooing over La Lisette: quirky bags which are handmade in Amsterdam.

It's a bag! It's a raccoon! It's a bag! This has got to be the cutest bit of bag I've seen for a long time. The raccoon has got such a mournful expression I think I'd want to buy it treats every time I took it out. This little fella will cost you £65.92. Like all of La Lisette's bags, it's made from real leather and that's reflected in the price.

This delicious watermelon bag is designed to be worn around your wrist. It's perfect for wearing to skip out to cocktails, pairing with one of these beauties. It's £59.26.

La Lisette also successfully pulls off less oddball designs too. Take a look at this Hearts bag, which costs £69.25. The practicality of the long chain and secure fastening makes it definitely suitable for grown-ups. I'm dying to take it out dancing. Available in a wide range of colours, I particularly like this popping green.

There's a great range of accompanying accessories too. My heart is lost to this Cat leather case, which at £29.30 may well end up replacing my current falling-apart wallet. Use it alongside this bag for more feline awesomeness.

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