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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Dream Dress: Totally Tropical Prints

It all started with this Tara Starlet dress. Katie featured it and then I wanted it and then all I could see were gorgeous tropical print dresses everywhere. It's not nearly sunny enough for me to be lusting over such summery things, but lusting I am.

I know Hawaiian print dress this is pricey - it's £80. But if there's one thing Tara Starlet do it's a well-cut dress and this just looks divine. I'm a sucker for a halterneck and this one is a beautiful shape. You'll wear it all through summer.

This Oasis bird of paradise dress has floored me. For a start, I'm totally agog at the price. It's £60! That's a bargain in comparison to some of their dresses. The shape is beautiful, you'll look very tall indeed. There's a low cowl detail to the back and I'm basically pushing all of my friends into shotgun weddings so I have an excuse to wear it this summer.

Another maxi dress option, this one from Louche at Joy. I can see me wearing this so much that people start to think it's the only dress I own. I do have a habit of wearing things to death. I'd love to wear this to death. It's £65 and does that whole casual/fancy thing very well indeed.

Oh, Fever. Just as I've settled on one of these dresses you come along with your Ruby Belle flamingo dress and now I can't decide. How can I resist the one-legged pretties? I'm not the biggest fan of the sleeve length on this, but there's a strappy option as well - both are £64.99. They've thought of everything.


  1. These dresses are gorgeous.

    But please can you all start proof-reading your posts? I left a comment about it a year ago! It is so lazy and happens far too frequently. It looks unprofessional.

  2. I've rather had my eye on this one from tallgirls (obviously one for the taller ladies here!) - they are such lovely sunny prints!

  3. Heading to Oasis now...


    Back to the dresses, lovely to wear in the summer.....somewhere hot :)

    1. Next you'll be telling us to STOP BEING DRUNK.

      Seriously, typos are very bad of us. Not cool at all. We promise to read everything very hard. Twice.

    2. Aw, anonymous - bless you. It is a sponsored website and the writers are paid, it IS unprofessional to repeatedly throw poorly-written posts up. And lazy.

  5. May I ask Emma, are you a staff member of Domestic Sluttery, because to me it seems unprofessional to call out employees on their mistakes in such a public manner. Surely this could have been said in a private email?

  6. Really daft, but I can't see a mistake???


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