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Friday 4 May 2012

Friday Treat: Orla Kiely Cake Tins

The problem with cake tins is that they disappear. You take cakes into the office and then the tin goes missing. You bring cakes to a party and your baking friend just 'forgets' to give your tins back. I've realised while packing to move house that half of mine have gone missing, so I'm in the market for some more.

And I want these.

I tend to avoid Orla Kiely prints. Not because I don't love the designs, I really do. But once you've bought one piece, others sneak into your home. A tea towel from a friend, a badge from the Tate. Orla's prints are gorgeous, but I don't want to get too matchy matchy. The fact that these are all different prints makes them perfect for my stupid 'I want everything to go together just as long as it doesn't match' logic.

And they're only £35 for five from Graham & Green. I'm keeping hold of these. Don't you dare steal them once I've bought you cake.

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