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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Robo-craft: Make Your Own Robot

Now this is my idea of a good DIY. Rather than getting hot and bothered with a welding iron and a screwdriver, it's clean and easy to make your own robot thanks to this new set. Okay, the robots are made from card and won't make you a cup of tea or sweep up after you, but they will look mighty fancy when lined up on a shelf.

There are 15 different robot shapes to pick from. If you've ever wondered what a David Shrigley or a Donna Wilson-designed robot would look like, you can wonder no more as they are just a couple of the 12 famous bods who have been asked to put their designs on a 'bot. The remaining three shapes? Well, they're yours to decorate as you wish. All 15 designs are interchangeable and slot into each other, so go nuts and build your own super superior robot from all the different body parts. Or use one of the envelopes provided to send to a no-doubt delighted friend.

It's all too much fun by far, and the set is currently available for only £11.66 on Amazon. So, now that it's both achievable and affordable, just two important robotic questions remain: how would you decorate your own robot? And what would you call it?

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