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Wednesday 2 May 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Independent Boutique

It's not the catchiest of names, but Independent Boutique promises to have the best independent British brands under one (internet) roof. With a claim like that, I had to have a snoop with a cuppa this morning. I'm also singing the Toys R Us theme tune.

This handmade ruffled leather clutch is by Karrah Designs and it's just £30. It's such a gorgeous colour. and the leather looks super soft.

Could Comfort Station jewellery be any more swoonsome? This silver charm bracelet has the geographical co-ordinates for the Devonshire town of Hope. This would make the most wonderful gift (for me). It's £88.

This cord print dress is by Alice Takes a Trip. I'd never heard of them until this morning. They're a little bit quirky and will basically make getting dressed much easier. Especially when you go out on Saturday morning and don't come home until Sunday night. This is £68.

This is just a peek into a huge collection of designers. Independent Boutique is a bit like Etsy-meets-ASOS Marketplace-meets Joy. The prices are varied - I can't afford everything in the shop but it's not all so expensive that it makes me eyes water. It's going straight into my bookmarks. After I've treated myself to that handbag.


  1. Is the site down for everyone, or is my work computer being rubbish? I want to peer at the ace dress!

  2. It's back! *flings everything into online shopping basket*

    1. I'm keeping that bracelet in my favourite. I'm allowed it when I've done a Very Good Thing.


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