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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Temporary tattoos for grown-ups

Being an indecisive wuss, I prefer my tattoos on my homewares, tights, or mugs rather than permanently etched into my skin. As for temporary tattoos, I always associated them with seven-year-old girls proudly sporting flaky My Little Ponies on their arms.

That is, until I discovered US site Tattly. Proclaiming "life's too short to drink bad wine and wear ugly temporary tattoos", they roped some cool designers into submitting awesome designs. Like the four folks and one dog above.

...or this boombox:

...this cheery bird:

 ...or these watches:

Search by artist to find Sluttery faves like Gemma Correll, or by category to find wine or dogs or reminders to do more fun stuff. The best bit: they're $5 for a set of two, plus $2 postage. That makes it about £4 for a couple of ace tattoos.

You don't have to look as far afield as America for your fake tatts, mind. Pop down to your local Joy to pick up a set of classic sailor tattoos for a fiver.

Show your appreciation for The Owl & The Pussycat by letting them dance by the light of the moon on your arm. This trio is £4 from Etsy.

These hipster champ stamps are £4.45 from Etsy:

And it wouldn't be a Domestic Sluttery post without multiple owls, now would it? Get a pack of woodland critters for £4 from Raccoon Press on Folksy.

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