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Thursday 21 March 2013

Show Me the Bunny: Rabbit-themed goods for a hoppy Easter

I'll be embracing my inner bunny girl this coming Easter. Forever frustrated by the realisation that real life isn't actually a fancy dress party, I do tend to go all out on a theme (see also cats for Halloween, lipstick kisses for Valentine's Day, lucky charms for '13). Daffodils aren't really going to cut it and eggs have limited appeal so, for Easter, the bunnies have it by a very fluffy tail.

With little over a week to ready myself, in my fantasy dress-up world, I'm definitely carrying this bunny bag by knitting whizz Jessica Dance. In real life, there's not a chance of that as it's a one-off created with Mulberry for Vogue. Boo.

An alternative living in the real world option is this ASOS cross-body bag. Still seasonal and only £22 of my bunny money.

There's always the comedy option. The funny bunny look is easily attainable thanks to Urban Outfitters and these bunny glasses. They're only £8.

I'm getting overexcited thinking of all the amusing jumping references I could make while wearing Topshop's jumping bunny jumper. You can't put a price on that kind of humour. Somehow, unbelievably, Topshop have. It's £40.

More Easter-inspired weak puns, which will be even funnier once I'm giddy from devouring all my eggs in one sitting, could come courtesy of these Dorothy Perkins bunny print socks. I'm planning on putting one of the pair on, and hopping to it ...

A pair is yours for £2.25.

I want to check my hare in this acrylic bunny mirror from Bombdesign at Culture Label. It's £49 but I'm trying to tell myself that a rabbit is for life, not just for Easter.

And, as I slowly and painfully run out of bunny-based jokes, the final thing I'll rabbit on about is this bunny trophy, designed by Bath-based designer, Clive Roddy. Made from wood, it's cruelty-free and a pleasant change from all those stag heads which have been decorating our warrens for so long. It costs £55.03 from his Etsy store.

Hoppy Easter everyone!

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