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Monday 18 March 2013

Finger Puppet Greetings Cards

It was only when my mum sent me a card for my last birthday with a finger puppet on the front that I realised how much fun they are. I carried mine around all day, and made it pose with my birthday presents. Observe:

Friends, I was 33 years old. Little Fingy understand that you are never too old to appreciate the simple joy of a finger puppet, and have a range of cards featuring different animals posing in front of different backdrops. My personal favourite is Grumpy Grey Cat, above, left outside his home while a sneaky mouse grins out at him.

This bear is called Broody Judy. Well, you'll never find a man just hanging around on your own in front of a tree, my love. You've got to put yourself out there. Pro tip: don't use BroodyJudy as your Guardian Soulmates username. Bit much.

Meet Jazzy Jo, the zebra, who appears to live in a... desert? Is that right? Don't they live in grasslands? Maybe she's on holiday. She looks pretty relaxed.

"You ain't seen me, right?" says the badly disguised owl. Seriously, that mask is fooling no-one. You're a CRIMINAL OWL. The only difficulty in prosecuting you will be in finding other owls for the police line-up.

"Welcome to my palace!" says the cheery Westie. "Mind your head on the chandelier as you come in. After dinner, we'll be playing chess on the floor. Woof!"

Mummy says I have to get off the internet now, but I must tell you that all Little Fingy cards are £4.25 each, except poor grey cat who's currently on sale at £2.70. Postage is free over £8. They're only a smidge pricier than high street cards, and much more fun.

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  1. Awww, I like finger puppets so much. There's a stall in Greenwich market that sells them. Finger badgers are particularly awesome.

    Often my go-to secret santa present.


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