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Friday 22 March 2013

Playful Printed Tights for Spring

Do you see the word "spring" in the title of this post? Yeah. That's right. It's nearly April and my Uniqlo thermal tights have got holes in from overuse. It's time to retire them and bring out something sheerer. As they say in Field of Dreams: if we wear 15 denier, spring will come.

Especially if our new tights comes with patterns as adorable as these from Missguided. Firstly, let's get the price thing out of the way, because there's nothing worse than falling in love with tights and then discovering they're £35. These are £5.99 each and delivery is free, so go right ahead and get your credit card out.

These pretty cat face tights are ridiculously cute. Even more so because the cat looks as grumpy as our Hazel's cat, the brilliantly named Poppy Bumface.

So simple. Plain tights with a big star on the ankle, like a cheeky tattoo.

Who doesn't want a twinkly constellation of stars adorning their legs? Even better, the stars are randomly placed rather than in a line up the back. I've never been able to keep patterns in a straight line for long.

Can't decide between cats and stars? Then go for both with these tights. If the last cats were grumpy then this one is bloody furious, mind.

If you love Black Milk galaxy prints but not the price, then pick up a pair of these. They're £8.99.

Check out the rest of Missguided's tights - they're cute, playful, and an absolute bargain.


  1. Wow! Can't believe these are only £5.99. I need those star tights in my life as much as I need the warmer weather to hurry up a bit (I write, huddled to a radiator...)

    1. They're a bargain, aren't they? I guess the advantage of never-ending winter is that they won't run out of stock any time soon. (I'm trying to put a brave face on things.)


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