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Monday 11 March 2013

Top Ten Puff Pastry Recipes

It's one of those Mondays. I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder, the kitten has been biting my feet all morning and I'm really not sure what the hell is going on with my hair. Somehow I don't think salad is going to cut it tonight. Pastry might. Here are our top ten puff pastry recipes.

Caramelised red onion and emmental tart (pictured, looking like the answer to all of your problems). The finest thing you'll put in your mouth today.

Stilton pastry. Take your pastry up to 11. You'll want to top everything with this, I promise.

Mini chicken tikka pasties. This is what we do with leftover curry. If you've still got a hankering for pasties, then try this chicken and asparagus recipe.

Veggie wellington. Take all the good things about being vegetarian and wrap them up in pastry.

Sausage rolls. We've tried a lot of sausage rolls, this is the best recipe we've ever sampled.

Pizza twists. They're a bit like bread sticks, a bit like cheese straws, a bit like brilliant pizza.

Spinach and feta tartlets. This is the perfect no faff dinner.

Millions leaves cake. Layer with cream and fill with whatever fruit and jam goodies you like.

Peach and vanilla tarte tatin. If you're also having a case of the Mondays, then don't share. This will sort you out.

Eccles Cakes. "Eat with a lump of cheese if you're proper northern, or an enormous mug of tea that's been brewed for so long it makes you wince."

Check out more of our top ten recipes!

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