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Thursday 21 March 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: Shoes To Fly You To The Moon!

These are probably the most literal take on the Greek gladiator sandals that have been doing the rounds in seemingly endless variety for the last few years - and I love them!

Make like Hermes and fly through London's streets (or, you know, walk at a decent pace) in this pair of silver leather Ancient Greek Sandals - seriously, Ancient Greek Sandals is the brand name - on Net-A-Porter.

These marvellous magical sandals are available in sizes 2 to 9 and cost £130. So we're filing them under a Sluttery Fantasy too, but then flying has been top of that list since I was a child.

One day Gadget, one day...


  1. I bloody love them. They're magic.

  2. They are wonderful. Kat, these would look amazing on you.

    1. Just imagine how fast you'd run for a bus! "Wheeeee! Look at me fly! That's right, MORTALS, I've got wings on my shoes!"

  3. Yay! We could all get them (after pay day) and run around like mini-gods (after pay day) and then realise that sandals are rubbish for running around in (at any time before or after pay day)

  4. They look charming, but I suspect soles as flat as that and so seriously thin... are not only going to make your arches ache, they're going to be made of that hard plastic material that cheap Chinese sandals are made from, that's slippery on any uneven surface and positively lethal in the wet!


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