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Monday 11 March 2013

Cheerful Greetings from Alice Palace

It may be Monday but I defy you not to feel a little more cheered after looking at this card of Mr and Mrs Badger doing star jumps.
Feel better? Yes, of course you do. It is adorable. Apparently "Mr and Mrs Badger enjoy the occasional star jump" and who can blame them? Designed by Alice Palace, this is the kind of greetings card that I buy for myself to put in a frame. Yes, I am that person.

Know someone special with a birthday coming up? Treat them like royalty with a royal guinea pig birthday card.
More guinea pigs should have little thrones and crowns. Or maybe they do and I just don't hang out with enough guinea pigs.

Alice Palace also do lovely canvas prints. I can't decide if I like the puffin or the pig more.
They both have very good messages but the pig just edges it for me. I think. I can't decide.

Alice Palace's website is full of lovely things to help cheer up a dreary day. The greetings cards are £2.25 and the A4 canvas prints are £40 each.

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