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Monday 25 March 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Everything Begins

I moved house this weekend (yes, again). I've moved to a beautiful flat about five minutes from my old place but this one has gorgeous parquet floors and it's right by the river and my local pub. Obviously the second we started flat hunting got the place, I started mentally redecorating. Most of my mental redecoration has taken place in Everything Begins. They've already got my favourites like this WeLoveKarou breakfast set and Chloe Croft cushions.

Yep, I'd like a batshit crazy bookshelf please. Oh. This is a millionty pounds and after moving an entire library of books this weekend, the argument for a Kindle is getting stronger. Luckily there are lots of gorgeous and affordable pieces to drool over.

Flamingos are quite clearly the new owls.

These are some sexy, sexy cushions. I don't actually have a sofa to put them on yet, but I don't care.

Also needed: one rainy day cushion. Pro tip: don't move house in the snow. It makes everything a bit shit.

If I had more floor space (it's covered in boxes), I'd be hankering after this Matisse rug.

We only broke two mugs in the move, which is pretty good going. Still, any excuse...

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  1. much lovely Things *_*
    I love this Flamingo pink like my Hair!!!

    lg, Anja from


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