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Wednesday 6 March 2013

OMG Doggies! H! by Henry Holland Dog and Bone Trousers

Totally in love with these dog and bone print trews from Henry Holland's fabulous H! diffusion range at Debenhams. I'm even more in love because they're usually £35, but currently have 25% off - that's £26.25 to you. Let's have a closer look at those dogs.
I tried on some carroty-style numbers a while ago and they didn't work on me at all, but I really like these thanks to both the leg (not cutting you off) and the waist (comfy! And gives you shape without being sack-like).

They are available in sizes 6 to 18, and I'm just going to peer at them for a little while longer.


  1. These are delightfully fun! My dog will love getting all his hairs all over them, I'm sure!

  2. These look absolutely lovely and comfy! I hope I can still pick up one with the discount. ;)


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