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Thursday 28 March 2013

Top Ten Easter Recipes

Easter weekend is all about eating brilliant food with lovely people. Not sure what to cook? We've done the hard work for you (except the actual cooking) and compiled our top ten recipes for Easter.

Creme egg cupcakes (pictured, looking more fabulous than anything you've seen in your entire life). This is one of our most popular recipes EVER. Understandable, when you see just how blimmin' amazing these cakes look.

Mini egg chocolate cookies. There's always a pack of Mini Eggs leftover after Easter. This is what you do with them.

Hot cross buns. You can't have an Easter feast (Feaster?) without hot cross buns.

Hot cross butter pudding. And when you've made too many, you can turn them into this brilliant pudding.

Cakes in eggshells. They're gluten free, and IN EGGSHELLS. Ain't nothing more Eastery than that.

Rolled herby lamb breast.  Obviously you have to have lamb on Sunday, and this lamb breast recipe is perfect if you don't want to go through the faff of roasting an entire leg. Then with the leftovers, make these Lamb fritters for lunch on bank holiday Monday.

Boozy chocolate fudge trifle. Look, it's an Easter recipe if we've decorated it with fluffy chicks, OK?

Dippy eggs and soldiers. This is GENIUS. Not eggs and soldiers at all, instead it's a white chocolate mousse with mango coulis made to look a boiled egg, served with shortbread fingers for dipping.

Mini simnel cakes. These traditional cakes are so tasty. They're made with marzipan balls to represent the disciples. Not Judas, He doesn't get a go on tasty cakes.

Caramel cup. Long weekends need some booze. Of the chocolate variety.

Check out more of our top ten recipes and whatever you're eating, have a fabulous long weekend.

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