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Monday 25 March 2013

You Look Great Today

Yes, you do.

Everyone loves a sincerely meant compliment don't they? They're one of those things which are just as much fun to give as to receive when you get to witness your lucky recipient's happiness levels increase tenfold. If only you could box up that feeling and sell it.

Well, of course you can - almost. Meet Random Notes of Appreciation. It's a neat box set of compliment cards, ready to dish out as you go about your day. There are eight in a set with four different designs to pick from. Whether you want to tell someone they've made your day or to keep their chin up buttercup, there's a card for it.

You can buy the set for a tenner from Nook and Cranny who are encouraging us to do some stealthy complimenting by slipping one in someone's bag or popping one onto someone's desk. Or you could boldly hand one of the cards over in person. Either way, the happy result is the same and, goodness knows, the world could always do with some more random appreciation.

For the next set, I'd love to have some cards to tell someone how pretty her dress is or how great her make-up looks. While for the moment I'm going to have to do that bit all by myself, for just about everything else there's a random compliment card.

(And really, you do look fantastic today.)

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  1. Oh I love these just what you need to cheer up a cold day!


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