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Friday 8 March 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Irregular Choice, Ted Baker & Traffic People

Secret Agent Slut reporting for duty. Intelligence has reached me that there are amazing sales bargains to be had today. I would tell you about them, but I'd have to kill you.

Oh, go on then. Just this once.


Swallows & Amazons silk peplum dress, £57 (was £115), Traffic People

I think this girl might be auditioning for Tippi Hedren's part in The Birds. She's adopting the classic "Not my face! Don't peck my eyes!" pose. Just out of shot: an angry peacock. 

In shot: heartbeat-skippingly delicious 100% silk dress from Traffic People. The print? Swallows. BIRDS. Coincidence? I think not. They didn't just throw this shoot concept together, you know. 

Louche Raina shirt dress, £30 (was £49), Joy

I love this Raina shirt dress from Joy. Part librarian, part diner, part just-parked-my-Lambretta-over-there-under-that-tree, it's ticking all my frock boxes. 

Epella dress, £79 (was £149), Ted Baker

Cor, the folks at Ted Baker sure know how to do patterns and prints, don't they? This Epella dress is covered in trapeze artists, dancers, Penny Farthings and children frolicking. There's even a dog playing with a ball. It's smiles, frockified. 


Twit Twoo clutch, £20 (was £50), Irregular Choice

Why does this owl clutch look so sad and lonely? Because the other owl clutches didn't have twit twoo her.


The Leather Satchel Company 11" satchel in mint, £70 (was £111), ASOS

I've had my heart set on a yellow satchel for quite some time now, but this mint number from ASOS might have just changed my mind. Yup, free mind control with every bag. Derren Brown is actually hidden inside.

London small zip bag, £18 (was £24), Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston's waterproof, zippable bags, like this London design, are extremely useful for those among us who do silly things like running for buses in the rain, slipping while getting on said bus, getting their over-stuffed overnight bag caught on a parked wheelchair, and ending up depositing slightly damp knickers and a box of tampons all over their fellow passengers.

Happened to a friend of mine. *cough*


Love Bug shoes, £39.50 (was £89.99), Irregular Choice

I love me a bit of gingham, particularly on a shoe (preferably two shoes, but you know, beggars can't be choosers). Ruffles, bows, flowers, polka dots, gingham, green, pink, and gold snakeskin shouldn't work, but this is Irregular Choice, so of course it does. Gimme.

Penny heeled loafers, £30 (was £66.99), Shellys

These Penny loafers from Shellys look a) comfy and b) like a starry night. Thank your lucky stars that I don't deliver Sluttery Sales Spy by video, because right now I'm singing Don McLean's Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) very badly - it's one of my worst songs on SingStar, and 'worst' is already quite a competitive category. I'm also wearing a fleece onesie adorned with lovehearts. It would be sensory overload for you guys. 

These are also available in a floral or houndstooth print (Where Have All The Flowers Gone? and Hound Dog, since you're asking.)

Fresh Cut Grass shoes, £39.50 (was £84.99), Irregular Choice

Gosh, I think there might be more birds in this week's post than there are in the skies and supermarkets of Britain (I love it when a bird comes into the supermarket and flies around the aisles, happy as a lark - sometimes literally - and gets all the shoppers into a tizzy before merrily swooping outside again). Get some happy tweet on your happy feet with these adorable Fresh Cut Grass heels from Irregular Choice


  1. I've just gone through this piece in a state of total "WANT" shock! Adore pretty much everything in here, amazing finds Laura!

  2. I would like the Ted Baker dress, please. I do love a trapeze artist.

    I don't get the owl joke :-(

  3. Love them all. Mission accomplished Secret Agent Slut.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the owl clutch! I don't get the joke either though...

  5. Laura, none of us get the owl joke. Explain it clearly and slowly to us.

    I want all the things though. Especially that Joy dress.

  6. I'm so glad it's not just me who doesn't get the owl joke...

  7. Lovely Em Fleming on Facebook has explained the owl joke! Apparently it's very funny if you're Northern.

    "She is sad because no other owl clutch was smart enough to ask her out (or had t'wit to woo her... you see? YOU SEE?!)"

    Excellent punning, but I think we killed it.

  8. Other variant on owl joke: Why don't owls make love in the rain? Because it's too wet to woo. #favejoke

    1. What's an Owl's favourite subject?


  9. Hurrah for Em Fleming! I am enjoying the other owl jokes... they may make a Sluttery Sales Spy appearance in the future!


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