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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Mother's Day gifts and cards (for when you've forgotten to send anything)

Hands up who's forgotten to get their mum a Mother's Day gift? Somehow, despite getting roughly a million press releases telling me not to forget (they started in January), sometimes I still... forget. If you do want to get something mega special but you're running out of time, here are some brilliant gift ideas for you last minute shoppers. Do refer back to this piece in a blind panic on Friday afternoon.

It seems that every company in the UK thinks that my mum would like flowers. Pink carnations, apparently. But my mum hates cut flowers. Actually, she thinks they're a total waste of money. She's properly into gardening, though. Instead of flowers, a fig tree from The Gluttonous Gardener would be perfect. Or a subscription to The Seed Pantry's seed club.

Books are definitely a gift that works, but nothing says 'yeah, I totally forgot to buy you anything until earlier today' like supermarket chick-lit with Richard & Judy book club stickers on the covers. A gift set from Willoughby Book Club would be lovely (especially since they have non-fiction options too). And if you're feeling particularly generous, a subscription to Mr B's Reading Year would be a very lovely present indeed. And the new Penguin English Library editions are looking absolutely gorgeous.

Should any newborns (or their dads) be reading, I'm pretty sure new mums would like a coffee subscription now they're finally allowed back on the beans. Check out Kopi or Bean & Ground for the best beans around.

Or you could put together a massive box of stinky cheese from Farmison. Your mum probably wants that even years after giving birth. You've got until Thursday to place your order.

This periodic table card is perfect and not full of overly sentimental crap. It's £3 from Owlish Grey.

I'm not really a fan of Rob Ryan's Mother's Day card, it's just too sentimental and my mum wouldn't really get it. But this Mr Yen papercut card is perfect. It's £10.

Yep, that's all I want to say, Door 77.

Really, your mum just wants a card or a phone call saying that you love her. Gifts are always nice, but taking time out of your day to tell her that will be the best gift you could get her.

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  1. Mother's Day in Canada is the second week of May, so having read this, I feel smugly well-prepared. Though I will obviously be dashing out to buy a card the day before.


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