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Monday 18 March 2013

Pretty Decorations Because Life's A Party

I don't know about you but I find organising parties a bit taxing. Mainly because I want it to be brilliant and for everyone to have a good time so I spend a lot of time thinking about food and drinks and venue and leave things like decorations to the last minute whereupon I cry and decide that decorations aren't that necessary when secretly I think they are. Stressful.

Thankfully, my future party planning zen has been calmed thanks to the discovery of Life's A Party. They make very lovely decorations that can be used again and again like this cotton bunting.
Doesn't that look like a very jolly birthday party? Yes I could make my own bunting but my craft skills are supremely limited and this is pretty and £29.95 for 11.5 metres.

Planning a wedding? That's the most stressful party planning ever but doesn't this look pretty?
Your venue might not be quite as verdant but the pom-poms are floral enough without being overpowering. They come in the pinks pictured, shades of blue and white and yellow. You get three for £17.50. I'd quite like them just hanging in my room.

What about place settings? I love the idea of having these paper boats operate as place settings and a favour (fill them with sweets!). You can get involved with the crafty side with these too as they come with clear instructions on how to fold them.
You get 11 pieces of paper of different sizes for £9.95. The suggestion of writing a little note before you fold them is a nice one. Everyone loves a letter that isn't a bill.

With shipping costing £2.50, I can neither confirm nor deny that I'm busy thinking of a spurious reason to have a party [I TOTALLY AM].

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  1. £30 for 11.5m of quality 2 sided bunting is actually pretty good! Etsy sellers seem to have some crazy bunting price-fixing scheme going on.

    I've sewed 350m of rainbow bunting for my wedding (yes I AM insane) and it only cost 50p per metre to make, however the hours of my life lost were MANY. Swings and roundabouts...


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