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Monday 4 March 2013

Esty Pick: Helena Carrington

One of the things I'd do if I won the lottery is open up a little coffee/book shop. In my head it's all planned down to what cakes I'd sell and the wallpaper. The most important thing would be that it needs to be cosy. The kind of place where you can settle for the afternoon if you want to without worrying that anyone will hassle you. Of course there'd be comfy sofas and chairs and I'd need some cushions. Cushions like this one by Helena Carrington. Most apt, no? 
Helena is a photographer and illustrator from Norwich who makes cushions and prints inspired by her travels , being particularly inspired by buildings and architecture.
Who could fail to be inspired by Paris? Helena's illustration of Montmartre is inspiring me to book a holiday right now. Her cushion is cheaper though at £45. I'd want this cushion in my little coffee book shop too.
Also inspiring dreams of getting away from it all is this camper van illustration. Just looking at it makes me think of sunny days, pootling around the coast, picnics and sand between your toes. Pictures that make you think of such happy things are only a good thing.

You can find out more about Helena's work here. In the meantime, I'll be hunting for my passport.

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