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Monday 4 March 2013

Red Brick's Spectacular Silk Scarves

Ding, ding, ding! The scarf stock market is open for trading, and I for one am going to be buying up all the shares in this brilliant stock market silk scarf, £60, by Red Brick. Founded in 2011 by Royal College of Art graduate, Karen Mabon, Red Brick's mission is to "capture the eccentricity of everyday life" in their affordable, uncommonly pretty accessories. 

I first discovered Red Brick's delectable silk scarves on The Enchanted Hunters, where Sarah - ex-Domestic Slut and all-round style maven - wrote about being gifted this gorgeous blackbird and earthworms scarf, £30. She is a lucky girl indeed - it's completely beautiful. Who knew worms could be so attractive?

This Coney Island scarf, £35, manages to encompass all the colour and creepiness of a funfair in a wisp of delicate silk. All of Red Brick's designs are hand-drawn illustrations, which are then digitally printed on to the scarves. There's certainly plenty to look at in this one - every time you wear it, you'll find something new! You might scare yourself silly, too, but hey-ho. 

If I wear this long-distance running scarf, £35, it'll have the same effect as going for an actual long-distance run, right? Minus the blackened toenails and chronic knee damage, I mean. 

We have lift-off! I like that this Space Race scarf has a really graphic design, punctuated by a bloody great big moon. The small version (I say small - it's 70x70cm) is £40, while a whopping 1x1m scarf is £60. 

Quick! There's been a robbery in a sweet shop! Someone call the candy cops! I'm pleased to see the King of Sweets, the candy shrimp, making an appearance here. Second only to the Emperor of Confectionery, the Jazzle, who if I'm not very much mistaken, can be found beneath the sinisterly-large jelly baby. This sweetie is yours for £60. 

Well, hello there shiny eyes! I know a few feline fanciers who'd adore this cat in the brambles silk and wool blend scarf, £60. Me, for example. *Hinting Face*

Which one would you choose? I love them ALL.

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