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Thursday 14 March 2013

Sluttery Travels: The most beautiful hotels in Ireland

Since it's St Patrick's Day on Saturday, Sluttery Travels is hopping over the water to Ireland and rounding up their most beautiful hotels. There are loads of great ones, it's been bloody hard to narrow down.

Let's start with the very eye-catching Gatsby House in County Donegal, where every room is named after a famous film star. The Ava Gardner room is the most luscious, that's some damn fine wallpaper. There are 5 rooms and you book out the entire place for 10 - it's around £850 for two nights.

Bellinter House is in County Meath - just an hour's drive from Dublin. The mansion also has a spa (not that you'd ever want to leave that bathroom), making the double rooms a bargain at £105 a night.

The Merchant is one of the swishest hotels in Belfast. It's in the historic cathedral quarter of the the city, and the listed building has Art Deco features all around it. The suites start at £300 a night, double rooms are a little more affordable at around £180.

Ashford Castle. You can't write about hotels in Ireland and not mention a blimmin' brilliant castle. County Mayo's Ashford is pretty spectacular. The website tours immediately, which causes a sort of motion sickness but it's all very gorgeous. A little chunk of it can be all yours for £200 a night.

The G Hotel. Of all the parts of Ireland I'm most enamoured with, Galway is the biggest. I'm itching to go, as soon as the weather decides what the hell it's going to do. The G hotel is gorgeous and glam and not to put too finer point on it... BLOODY HELL WILL YOU LOOK AT THE VIEW FROM THAT BEDROOM WINDOW.

Speaking of bloody brilliant views, let's all just put down our cups of tea and head to Cliff House in Waterford. Everything about this shower is tickling my fancy.

The Barbican. Ireland have their own branch of The Landmark Trust, which means historical properties at an affordable price tag. The Barbican is a little miniature castle for two in County Antrim and currently around £260 for three nights.

Inis Meáin. The appeal of Inis Meáin isn't clear at first glance. It's on the Aran Islands just off Galway Bay and the stone building is quite a contrast to the rest of the peaceful landscape. It's actually a restaurant (a fabulous one that you'll have to book way in advance to visit - you won't have much luck if you pop over on the off chance), but there are five guest suites so you can really make the most of your stay. It's around £500 for two nights. Inis Meáin is simple and uncluttered, it's beautiful and very special indeed.


  1. These all look lovely, especially the castle-for-two but is The Merchant really lopsided like the fabled tower at Pisa? "the listing building"... :-P :-)

    Domestic Sluttery is one of my favourite sites, I can always rely on you guys to find gorgeous/whimsical/creepy stuff to amuse and divert me, thank you so much, Jo

  2. Haha! It's probably not that wobbly - although listed buildings can be a little precarious sometimes.

    So pleased you enjoy the site, Jo! Thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. So glad you've done this - my boyfriend is from co.Mayo and when i first started visiting there i found it hard to find nice quirky places to stay. Galway is my favourite place too - you must try O'Grady's on the peir in Barna - a short taxi ride from the centre - and The Crane is best for live music.
    outside of Mayo/Galway I found these lovely cottages in Clare - the owners were so friendly/helpful.
    It's a great little country in fairness, if only you could roof it!

    1. Ooh, they sound excellent. Thanks Helen! Let us know if you discover any more.


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