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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Sluttery Travels: Top Ten Romantic Trips for Two

Where do you go when you want a little break with your favourite person? Sure, hotels can be great (room service is a fabulous, fabulous thing), but there are loads of little sanctuaries for two across the country so you can be all on your own, even if it's just for a night or two.

We've covered a few places for two before - The Boathouse at Knotts End is perfection by a lake, Peters Tower is in a gorgeous location, but given the bunk beds it's perhaps a great place for you and your favourite platonic friend. London's very own houseboat hotel would be perfect for two. Fancy a trip to Wales? Then you'll find it hard to choose between the super romantic Hafod Glan Gwy, or the retro Cabin Casita hidden in the woods.

Beach huts might be perfectly formed but they're notoriously difficult to rent - usually they're booked up year upon year, or they're privately owned. Shaldon Beach Huts in Devon cost from £240 for two nights, and at the time of writing they had availability through most of the summer. I am available for trips.

Nicolle Tower is so cute. It's in St Clements in Jersey and it's a perfect location for exploring the island. The interior leaves a little to be desired but four nights will cost from around £300 via Landmark Trust so it's a bargain.

We're not done with the Landmark Trust yet. then try St Winifred's Well in Shropshire. It's a tiny little medieval  well chapel where three nights next month will cost you £358.

Wow, Cornwall has the best views. The Beachspoke hideaway is £530 for a week via Chic Retreats. Might want to stay forever.

Popty Pennant is a very special cottage. It's actually a converted bakehouse on the estate of Chirk Castle. It's blimmin' gorgeous and it's £439 in high season from the very brilliant Under The Thatch - they've got loads of gorgeous properties for rent across wales.

I really, really want to stay on a showman's wagon. Mendip Molly is actually based in Bath and I really want to visit there. I don't think pets are allowed, which means I'm going to have to save the lion taming for another time. Damn. You can book this refurbished 1949 wagon from Canopy & Stars for £160 for two nights.

Back to Cornwall again, this time to Tintagel to see the Coachman's Cottage nestled in 20 acres of woodland. It's like something out of an Austen book. If you fancy playing here, prices start at £323 for three nights.

If sleeping on a wagon doesn't do it for you, then the eco-friendly Croft 103 in Scotland is pretty impressive. These self-catering 'cottages' are based in north west Sunderland and they're low impact as well as being luxurious. They're powered by wind turbines and made from dry stone sourced on site. As fabulous as Croft 103 is, luxury and green tourism doesn't come cheap - a week here will cost you £1400.

That's a pretty kitchen, isn't it? I think I like the look of this place. I have, of course, saved the best for last.

It's a bus! The Majestic Bus is just outside Hay-on-Wye (books! loads and loads of brilliant books!) in a garden filled with flowers. It's utterly perfect (and a rather reasonable £310 for three nights). There's a wood burner if it's chilly and a bath house outside. A bus has never been so romantic.

Want more travel ideas? Check out our ever-growing boutique hotel map!


  1. Wow. Am bookmarking Coachman's Cottage for a solo getaway next year. Shame I've already used up all my holiday (and budget) this year!

  2. Ooh, we have stayed at Popty Pennant, it was GREAT - really cosy and surrounded by chickens (!) - off to check out some of the other suggestions now...

  3. The bus was on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces last year!

  4. I love these. I'm going with the Mendip Molly or the Majestic Bus - well researched! I'm tweeting this out and going to write a blog post pointing people to this way as this demands a lot more eyeballs! Love it.

    Grace @RomanceNvrDie


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