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Friday 1 March 2013

Making A Statement With Bonnie Bling

This badge by Bonnie Bling perfectly embodies the weather at the moment. It's blimmin' freezing. I like pointing out the obvious, even more so if it's done for me in lovely laser cut acrylic. Better still when it's only £10.

Bonnie Bling is the design child of Scottish graphic designer Mhairi Mackenzie. She does a whole line in Scottish sayings including my personal favourite:
Brilliant. This badge is also £10 and will soon be available as a necklace too.

Did you watch the spycam penguin program? Did it make you want a penguin? Of course it did. They're silly and amazing.
Bonnie Bling collaborated with Neil Slorance to create this super cute chap. Penguins are for life, not just for cold weather. Have your own penguin for £15.

Warm weather though is coming. IT IS. I refuse to believe it won't and so I shall bring a bit of sunshine wherever I go with this fab statement sunflower necklace.
I love that it's a bit blingy and totally brilliantly happy inducing. It's £40.

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  1. Totally forgot this article was here! Just found it again after googling ourselves :) Thanks again for the article. We have lots more in our collection now. Check out the website to see more.


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