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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Gifts From The Black Rabbit

While Easter bunnies are all very well and good (especially if they're made of chocolate...), bunnies should be for life, not just for Easter. Especially if they are as snuggly and winsome as Little Lapin from The Black Rabbit.
Bonjour Little Lapin! Wouldn't it be nice if Little Lapin had a friend? An elephant friend? Yes. This is Little Nel.
Little Lapin and Little Nel are knitted from lambswool and come in three colourways (the stripes will vary) and cost £27.50 each. If all your friends are suddenly popping out babies like mine seem to be, Little Lapin or Nel would make a lovely present.

Of course, you should always buy yourself presents. Presents like this dog on wheels brooch.
It comes in black or red and costs £17.50. I'm not sure I can resist it. Shipping in the UK on orders over £30 is free which is a nice thing indeed.

As for dogs on wheels, I can't leave you without showing you this sausage dog getting some "wheelchair legs" so it can run around properly.

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  1. The Black Rabbit animals are really lovely in person too. I have three lavender bods and a grumpy, (deliberately) one-eyed penguin, called Colin. All are ace.


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