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Thursday 14 March 2013

Steenbergs Baking Ingredients

When we had our food debate back in October, we asked, how much do we care about where our food comes from? It was clear from your responses that the answer was, a lot. Whether you care about your food being fairtrade, organic, eco-friendly or gluten free, you want to take the time to make sure that what you buy measures up to your standards.

What about when you bake, though? Do all your good intentions go out the window? I know that I'm guilty of that; somehow, if it's going into a cake, it's okay if the chocolate isn't fairtrade or the baking paper isn't unbleached and recycled.

Enter, Steenbergs, they stock a whole host of baking essentials that are perfect for someone who wants to shop with a conscience. That Spiced Chai Sugar at the top of the page would be fantastic in place of caster sugar dusted over shortbread or used in carrot cake. If you need gluten free baking powder, then this one is made to the Grandfather of freefrom foods, Alfred Bird's recipe (Mrs Bird was allergic to eggs, so he invented custard powder so she wouldn't have to miss out on pudding).

If you care about the environment, you've probably been looking for an eco-friendly baking parchment. This non-stick baking paper is made from recycled cardboard and is completely unbleached. You can also find biodegradable freezer bags and recycled tin foil, so your cakes might as well come with little halos on them!

If all of that conscientious cake creation has you gasping for a brew, you're in luck! Steenbergs have a variety of fantastic teas like this Sri Lankan Earl Grey for you to enjoy with all those biscuits you've just baked. You can buy Steenbergs products from the website, or search for your nearest stockist.

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